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Restoring self-esteem to patients with locally advance breast cancer.

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Surgery can be the ideal relief methodology and, in many cases, the healthiest choice, since there are very aggressive cancers, that is why we offer high quality surgical precision so that the everyday agony will not be prolong.


We give our guaranteed seal of efficiency, precision and, above all, a warm and humane care within a competent time span for evaluation and operation.


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About Humanly


We offer a humanely approach from all our medical team members, because we genuinely are devoted to the well-being of our patients, our passion is to see them smile and return to their lives with more encouragement.

We’ll start off by gathering all your most recent medical data (no more than 1 month old, please), so Dr. Mascareño can make a full evaluation from distance (if you are requesting service from another city or country).

Once the doctor has received by email all your data, we will schedule a video call, so that he may explain this approach and the surgical procedure method that will be most beneficial for you.

Using Co2 Laser surgery will reduce post-surgical side effects such as pain, swelling, wound care and scaring and since there is no need for blood transfusion (in non-overly complicated cases), this will also reduce cost.

How can we care for you


LABCS (Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Surgery)

We attend to all types of breast cancer, but our main focus is given to women with locally advanced breast cancer with or without skin alterations. They are extreme cases that require a specialized, efficient and opportune attention.


This type of mastectomy is partial and removes only tumor and cancerous surrounding tissues, it focuses on preserving the most amount of the breast.


It is a surgical procedure where the breast, as a whole is removed, and with it, all the cancerous affected area. Mastectomy can be the right treatment option for breast cancer in its diverse ailments.

Oncoplastic Surgery*

This procedure offers plastic and oncologic techniques to mitigate the esthetic effects of breast cancer surgery, it consists in subcutaneous mastectomy with areola and nipple preservation, making a mammary cosmetic reconstruction (implant).

CO2 Laser technique

Using laser surgery offers considerable benefits vs. conventional scalpel surgery.  There is less blood loss during surgery, so no blood transfusion is required, this saves a lot of time and reduces surgery cost. Also, post-surgical care is minimum.


The biopsy is a surgical procedure that helps examine a very small portion of the affected tissue, so it can be analyzed and detect by clinical tests the nature of this tissue, if it’s malignant or not, damage degree, etc.

Dr. Sergio Mascareño, FACS


All human beings should have the right to an optimal medical service that can render their human dignity and bring relief to their lives.

With a medical trajectory of over 35 years, Dr. Sergio Mascareño has seen first-hand the reality of many women with locally advanced breast cancer, discarded as “hopeless cases” in their own countries and given no treatment opportunity nor expectancy of life.

“Humanly” team is highly competent, since it’s conformed by professionals with decades of experience, that have managed patients in all phases, forms and cancer stages.

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Frequently Asked

Our motto is: “Cutting illness, preserving dignity”. Humanly is born from the compassion of a medical team, striving to restore quality of life for women with locally advanced breast cancer. With a medical trajectory of over 35 years, Dr. Sergio Mascareño has seen first-hand the reality of many women with locally advanced breast cancer, discarded as “hopeless cases” in their own countries and given no treat…

Mastectomy, Lumpectomy and Oncoplastic Surgery. Learn more.

Tru-cut needle biopsy is a well-tolerated and reliable procedure for providing a tissue diagnosis of malignancy before definitive treatment and obviating the need for formal excision biopsy of lesions for which there is a low index of suspicion.

Fine needle aspiration (FNA) is a type of biopsy that is performed with a small (21 to 25 gauge) needle to obtain samples of tissue and fluid from solid or cystic breast lesions. It is one of the many different modalities for diagnosing breast masses outside of formal excision.

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Kara G.

Grateful patient
Thank you so much for helping me heal and saving my life! I will forever be grateful to you.

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Grateful husband
We are both very, very thankful for your care and concern. You are a true brother in Christ and we love you very much.

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